2 May 2024 Electins

Sixpenny Handley and Pentridge


Thursday 2nd May 2024 is the election day for Dorset Council and the Town and Parish Councillors. The list of nominations for Sixpenny Handley and Pentridge are below with a full list nominations by Town and Parish Councils can be found here.

There are 8 seats for Sixpenny Handley and 2 for Pentridge. Please make sure you vote for the Parish Council for the next 4 years.

There is also voting for our Dorset Council representatives with ours covering Cranborne Chase, the full list can be found here

Guidance on how to vote is here

Do not forget you need to have a photo ID with you when going to vote

Additional Documents

Cranborne Chase Ward.PNG Pentridge Nominations.PNG Sixpenny Handley Nominated.PNG