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Sixpenny Handley and Chalke Valley Practice Newsletter June 2021
01 July 2021

A benefit of dealing with COVID 19 is that we have tighter links with organisations within our community. Below is a copy of the June Surgery newsletter, in it is a thankyou to all who contributed PPE items during the pandemic and information about nursing capability now available through the Practice.

Dorset Council Local Plan Consultation
18 January 2021

Dorset Council is preparing a local plan for the whole area. News and information can be found on this page. An evidence base will inform the development of the plan, work done on former local plan reviews forms part of this.

For people who don’t have access to the plan online there are paper copies available for loan at libraries through their click and collect service. If people are shielding volunteers can help you pick up a paper copy of the plan for you from your local library. 

There are displays in windows of empty shops, libraries and Tourist Information Centres in some town centres.

There will also be a phone line that people can call to ask questions. This number will be available Monday – Friday 10am - 2pm. The dedicated phone line is 01305 252500.

COVID 19 - Local Support
14 January 2021

We continue to provide support to everyone in our Parish who cannot access shops or collect prescriptions, please use the contacts and guidelines below.

The Phone Buddy team is more than Maureen (details below), we have a team who are engaged with people who they now see as friends and are continuing to call, if you feel the need to contact someone, please call Maureen or myself and we will ensure you get a call from one of the Phone Buddies.

We split our deliver team up to provide cover across the whole parish, each team has a leader and in some cases a deputy. If you need any shopping or prescription collecting, then please contact your area leader (details below) who will ensure someone is available to support you.

Here is the procedure we set up last year to support collections:


We can collect prescriptions, you will need to ensure they are ready for collection and sign an approval form we will provide to you, this authorises us to collect your medication.


NISA Shopping - We can collect your shopping, just follow the instructions below

1. Contact one of the names above to confirm your shopping can be collected, they will tell you when what time they can collect.

2. Call Handley NISA shop on 01725 552658, place an order and pay for it using your bank card details. Please let the shop know who will be collecting it on your behalf.

3. Your support buddy will then collect the shopping at the agreed time and deliver it to you.

Clarkes the Butchers also take phone orders and payment over the phone use the process above but call 01725 552328 instead.

Team Lead Contacts

Team Leads




Angela Bennett

01725 552762


Bottom of 6DH

Steve Clarke

07760 858712


Andy Turner

07427 119468


Top of 6DH

Derek Mariner

07557 955759


Deanland and out to Garston

Ian Callaghan

01725 552233


Richard Hancock

01725 552182


Woodyates & Pentridge

Mike Dyer

07584 315550


Kim Angeli

07917 403307


Dean End to Cashmoor and A354

Maureen Lockyer

01725 552492

Phone Buddies

All Parish

Parish Library
20 August 2020

The Parish Library is in the Parish Office and is run by Volunteers. It is open 10-11am Tuesdays, 10:30 - 11:30 Wednesdays during Crossroads Coffee and 3pm-4pm on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.

Crossroads Cafe
11 March 2020

Currently closed due to COVID 19 Restrictions

The Cafe is open 10:30 - 12pm every Wednesday