This page and its sub pages outline the Parish Council Bad Weather Plan and asscoiated historical information.
Emergency Plan, Power Outage, Bad Weather, Snow, Thunder Storms

What is the Bad Weather Plan

This plan addresses specific aspects of the Community Risk Register as identified below:

Emergency Risk Table
Emergency Risk Table

How do we address Bad Weather Events

The following outlines the actions/tasks in place to address the hazards listed above:

  • Emergency Officer is registered for Met Office Weather alerts.
  • October - Confirm Grit bin at the Surgery is filled by Dorset Counci.
  • The parish Snow Plough is held at Manor Farm should the Dorest Highways be unable to clear a road.
  • Obtain addtional Grit if necessary and use for the agreed areas identified above.
  • The Village Hall has both electric and gas cooking and heating capability to ensure provision of hot food and drink can be provided. This is augmented by Solar Panels with Batteries should mains grid power not be available.
  • The Scout Hut can utilise camping gas water heaters and is also augmented with Solar Panels and batteries should mains grid power not be available.
  • Co-ordinate with the Village Hall Committee and/or Scouts should emergency buildings or hot water be required.
  • Liaise as necessary with the Surgery, Village Hall, Scouts, Shops and adjacent Parishes.
  • Support known vulnerable people within the parish.
  • Establish volunteer support as necessary.
  • Publise SSE support for provision of emergency power for vulnerable people.
  • Liaise with Blue Light services as required during an event.
  • Inform parishioners on the Hazard and how support is being delivered - by word of mouth, posters, Facebook and NextDoor.

What have we done in the past


The village was cut off by snow, at this time there was both a dairy and bakery within the village. These kept the parishoners supplied over the period. As the snow subsided a farm tractor was used to clear from the crossroads up to the A354.


One Tonne of Grit was purchased by the Parish Council which was then spread by volunteers along the Dean Lane footpaths from the cross roads to the surgert which had been covered in black ice by the back wash from cars driving along the road.


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