This page explains the SSEN PSR service.
Emergency Plan, Power Outage, Bad Weather, Snow, Thunder Storms

Disruption to essential services like electricity can sometimes happen and it affects our everyday lives. For some, a power cut can be worrying or difficult. Supported by SSEN, we have created this page to help in reaching people who may need extra support during power cuts.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) operate the electricity network in our area. You may not be aware that extra advice and support is available for when there is an interruption to the power supply. By informing your residents of the Priority Services Register (PSR) this will enable free access to:

  • SSEN dedicated Priority Services line is available 24 hours a day.They will contact you, or your nominated contact if we need to switch off your power to carry out essential maintenance.
  • SSEN offer a password service where you can agree a password to use when dealing with SSEN staff. That way we can look after your personal safety and home security.
  • When SSEN are aware of an unplanned power cut affecting your home, you will receive proactive updates 24 hours a day.
  • SSEN will contact you regularly to confirm the details we hold for you are correct and if we do not hear back from you on these occasions, we will only keep your data for 5 years.

What is the PSR and who is eligible?

The Priority Services Register is a free UK-wide service which provides extra advice and support, including when there’s an interruption to your electricity, gas or water supply. You are eligible for free PSR services if you:

  • Use medical equipment reliant on electricity or water.
  • Are blind or partially sighted.
  • Are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Are of pensionable age.
  • Have a disability.
  • Live with children under five.
  • Have a chronic illness.
  • Have anxiety, depression or any mental health condition.
  • Loss or impairment of smell.
  • Need documents translated into another format or language.
  • Temporarily need extra support.

Everyone has different needs. Contact SSEN to discuss your requirements. SSEN’s free Priority Services Register supports those with chronic illnesses, mental health, young children and more. Find out how you can access additional support. Do you have a neighbour, friend or family members who would struggle if the power was off? By registering for SSEN’s free Priority Services, a dedicated team will contact you, or your nominated contact if they need to switch off your power to carry out essential maintenance.

click here to register for the PSR service